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Hourlylaff - Fat Girl Vs. Skinny Girl [PICS]

Fat Girl Vs. Skinny Girl [PICS]

‘Size zero’ has become one of today’s most contentious phrases. To some
women it’s the Holy Grail, to be attained whatever the cost to their
long-term health and even fertility. To others, it’s the terrifying
obsession of an influential few which will lead impressionable young
girls to develop eating disorders. Here, two women – one size 0, the
other size 18 – pose for these dramatic pictures and defiantly defend
their very different body shapes


Sasha Larner

Sasha Larner, 29, is a model and
mother of two boys, Crawford, six, and Presley, three. She lives in
Kent with her partner Matthew, 36, a carpenter. She has been a size
zero (UK size four) for the past two years.

Mikyla Dodd

Mikyla Dodd, 29, played Chloe Bruce in
Channel 4′s Hollyoaks. The actress, who is single and lives in London,
is 6ft, size 18 and weighs 15st 7lb. When she joined ITV’s Celebrity
Fit Club in January last year, she weighed 19st 2lb but lost 44lb
through healthy eating and exercise.


Daily Mail

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